This salary after tax and budget calculator was built with the purpose of enabling working individuals and couples to accurately calculate the real salaries that they need to sustain their specific lifestyles, based on their yearly gross salary and monthly spending habits.

Many people assume that a certain salary would meet their needs, but they forget to calculate the taxes, the National Insurance, and they are usually ignorant when it comes to their personal spendings, therefore creating an illusion that an X amount of salary would be enough for them to live. Then, people end up taking on credit cards and falling deeply in debt, and they are getting into a spiral of never-ending worries and financial problems, and this is only because they don't check the facts.

This tool allows you to accurately eliminate any assumption regarding the exact yearly salary that you need, based on your spendings and personal circumstances.

We've got carried away a little bit, and we've even included a feature that will let you calculate the exact month when you'll become a millionaire, if you earn a certain amount of money, and extract your monthly expenses.

We hope that you'll enjoy it, and that it will be of great value to you :). You can start using the calculator here