After Tax Salary Calculator

This is the only salary calculator platform in the UK that allows you to calculate your monthly net salary after tax and National Insurance, and allows you to add your monthly and yearly expenses into the calculations to predict whether your salary would be enough for you after taxes.

Simply add your yearly gross salary below, and our calculator will show you an extremely detailed break-down of your salary, including your monthly net take-home pay, your tax, NI, and even a simulation of your payslip.


Quick tax calculations

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Features of our salary calculator

This salary calculator was built in order to stop the constant financial arguments in our family regarding how much salary would be enough to have a decent lifestyle. We've built it for ourselves, and I'm really happy that now other people like yourself can use it as well. Here are the main features of our salary calculator:

Take-home pay calculator

Find out within milliseconds your total monthly net salary, based on your yearly gross income.

Payslip simulator

See exactly how your monthly payslip will look like, with our perfect payslip simulator, based on your yearly pre-tax income.

Budget calculator

Add your regular expenses into our calculator, and it will calculate your total monthly budget, while comparing it to your monthly, net after-tax salary.

Savings calculator

Calculate how much you'll be able to save per month, given any specific yearly gross salary, and your expenses. We also have a nice future timeline of your savings, where we'll show you a chart with your total savings for the next 10 years.

Millionaire status calculator

This one is really fun. Find out when you'll become a millionaire with any given salary, by taking into consideration your spending habits. Will it be in 5 years, or in 100 years? Our calculator will show you that.

Tax and NI timeline

See exactly how much tax you would pay along the years, based on your yearly gross salary. Our calculations are done for up to 10 years.

Add your salary below, and see the above features in action: